Parents & Students

Parent Right to Know

Beach Park District 3 has revised its report cards to clearly communicate student achievement of grade level specific learning targets. This should provide students and parents with more detailed information about student strengths, growth and areas in need of growth. 

During parent-teacher conferences, the report cards can be a tool to lead discussions about student  progress. The grades themselves have changed and are as follows: 

M Students receiving a Mastery (M) are currently meeting grade level targets. This is the  expectation for our students. 

E Students who demonstrate more complex learning that goes beyond what was explicitly taught  may receive and Extends (E). Not all targets can be extended. 

D Students receiving a Developing Mastery (D) are beginning to or occasionally demonstrating  understanding of the target at grade level. The student is able to grasp and apply some of the key  concepts, processes and skills but may need additional support at times to be successful. 

N Students Not Mastering (N) are not meeting and have made little progress toward the grade-level  target. The student is working on concepts. Processes and skills leading to grade-level work.  The student needs additional support and practice to show progress toward grade-level  expectations. 

NG Students receiving a No Grade (NG) have not been assessed on that target during the trimester. 

You do not need to wait for conferences to talk with your child’s teacher regarding his or her progress.  They welcome your phone calls and emails to partner with you in order to best meet the needs of your children. 

We are committed to providing your children with a high quality education. If you have questions, please contact Mrs. Griffiths at 847-599-5059