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School Social Workers

Beach Park Middle School

  • Esmerelda Gomez (6th Grade) |

  • Treana Bushing (7th Grade) |

  • Sarah Posey (8th Grade) |

Howe Elementary School

  • Janet Powell |

Kenneth Murphy Elementary School

  • Nicholle Petts |

Newport Elementary School

  • Lea Aldolphs |

Oak Crest Elementary School

  • Jennifer Kozoll |

  • Sarah Seiberlich |

Crisis Hotline Numbers

You are not alone! Reach out for help!

We are experiencing a lot of different things around us. It is normal to worry, feel anxious, and sad. You can find support in any of the following organizations:

Self Care

Self Care Diagram

What is self-care?

Self-care is being mindful of your own needs. It means pausing when you need to, so that you can attend to your own needs. For ideas to practice self-care, visit Ideas for Practicing Self Care during Covid.

Staff Resources

Self care ideas for teachers

Resources for finding calm in your day

In these links created by Sacramento City Unified School District you can find access to a variety of virtual calming rooms.

Support in the Community

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lake county system of care for families

Providing support for youth with mental health challenges and their families

In the United States, one in five youth experience a mental health condition each year. This means conditions like depression, anxiety, attention-deficit disorder, and other mental health conditions are very common.

Whatever services your child and family need, the Lake County System of Care for Families is here to help. We work with community partners to help your family access high quality mental health care and referrals to other services in Lake County.

Call today: (847) 377-8950

Taking Care of Our Needs

Who is awesome? YOU are awesome!

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