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Alert Notification Plan

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Text YES to 68453 to receive alerts via text

Following the occurrence of a school or community emergency event, Beach Park School District #3 is committed to following a simple alert notification plan that will ensure all district stakeholders have access to informative and or preventative information in a timely manner.  An event warranting alert notification would be one that disrupts the academic day of an entire school or the school district or one that poses the potential for danger to students, staff and/or community to and from school.  Please read below for our alert notification types and alert communication procedure.

  1. Building administration and/or law enforcement contacts District Superintendent or designee following an emergency event or notice of an emergency event.  District Superintendent directs school administration in communication content to be distributed.

  2. Administration (as directed by District Superintendent or designee*) will use SchoolMessenger and Social Media to create a notification to all pertinent parents and staff.  *List of Possible Broadcast Designees (Accessible by Staff Only)

  3. Alert Notification status will be updated on school and or district website via embedded social media feeds with pertinent information and/or resources for the Beach Park Community.

It is the objective of BPD#3 to provide a unified network of Foundations, Supports and Procedures, in conjunction with current requirements and recommendations of the state board of education and local law enforcement officials, to be implemented, practiced and reviewed regularly throughout our school district.