Beach Park School District 3 Superintendent


January 12, 2023


The Board of Education of Beach Park School District 3, Beach Park, Illinois is proud to announce that it has completed a Superintendent search and has named Dr. Denise Wilcox as the new Superintendent of Schools effective July 1, 2023.  Dr. Wilcox is currently serving as the Interim Superintendent of Schools.

Prior to her experience in Beach Park, Dr. Wilcox was a classroom teacher for 13 years in Grayslake District 46, an assistant principal in Carpentersville (Carpentersville) District 300, and served as principal of Beach Elementary School in Round Lake for three years.  Dr. Wilcox began in Beach Park District 3 as Director of Curriculum and Instruction in 2018.  She has been serving as Interim Superintendent since July 1, 2022.

The Board of Education conducted an extensive search process which included screening interviews by the Illinois Association of School Boards Executive Search Team, semi-finalist interviews with the Board of Education, and finalist interviews with parents, District teachers and staff members, and a final interview with the Board of Education.  After this rigorous process it became apparent that Dr. Wilcox was the candidate who is best prepared to lead Beach Park District 3 to great success well into the future.

Dr. Wilcox is “both humbled and overjoyed with the opportunity to lead and serve a learning community I have come to care about and respect so much.  We have a great team, and we will work with all stakeholders to ensure the success of each and every student entrusted to us.”  In addition, Dr. Wilcox  (Wilcox) “thanks the Board of Education for the confidence they have in me and has my assurance I will work hard every day to do what is best for the entire community.”

The Board would like to thank the members of the various interview groups for their participation in this very important process and is confident that, with their help, “we have selected an excellent leader who will be a great fit for our District.”

For Additional Information, you may contact the Board President:

Ms. Marcia White


C:  866-796-6692