Oak Crest WC


Aaron Cohn

Though I might not directly be the person to change the world, perhaps I will teach, inspire, motivate or influence one
of my students to grow up and change the world.... and that's pretty cool too.

Abbey Hansen

Abbey Hansen

* Get coffee everyday
* Greet students at the door every morning
* Make our classroom a family
* Have a smile on my face


Andrea Lukas

So everyone feels safe and welcome!


Allison Olenek

To bring happiness each day to students and staff by focusing on what is currently happening and not on what has happened.


Brooke Turk

To create a happy and positive place to be for myself, children, families, and coworkers.

For all to feel safe, loved, & important.


Christine Romero

To show love and acceptance to every single student. When they feel safe and loved, they can then take risks to try new things and succeed in all they do.


Ashley Zeason

To help our students grow into their best selves.