newport wc


Jessica Babbe

Create a place where students LOVE LEARNING!


Jessica Babington-Brown

Create a musical outlet for students.
Help students to create a love for music.
Create out-of-the box learners.


Carmen Hernandez

Why? Doing the best I can do.


Cody Ksioszk

Take the time to get to know my students, their likes/dislikes, passions, family, etc. to show them how truly important they are and to empower them to do great thing.

... also, to hopefully encourage and instill a love of physical activity and gameplay in their lives.


Amanda Maki

My "why" is focusing on leaving my students with a positive feeling about school. I want each of my students to feel loved & cared for.


Janelle Parrish

I want to provide a fun learning environment for my students and make sure they know I love them as a student and a little human.

Jill Pelli

Jill Pelli

To put a smile on each students/staff face that I come in contact with!
A smile can be contagious!

Connie Pierson

Connie Pierson

My why is the students! Teaching them to do hard things and be anything they want to be!


Elaine Rouch

I will promote a love of literacy and learning for all students!


Jennifer Ruesch

because ALL students deserve the mote hope-filled future!


Tricia Schwartz

My why...
my speech students!


Bonnie Senft

I want to provide the best school experience possible for each child.


Cindy Smith

Positive attitudes and love = SUCCESS !!