Press Release

It is with great excitement we announce the appointment of our new Director of Human Resources, Mr. Gabe Cappozzo. Mr. Cappozzo has served Beach Park School District 3 for 16 years as a substitute teacher, special education teacher, behavior interventionist, Assistant Principal at Beach Park Middle School, and the Principal of Kenneth Murphy Elementary School.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, a Masters in Business Administration, Masters in Special Education, and a Masters in Educational Leadership.  In each of these positions, his love and admiration for education have afforded opportunities to have a positive impact on the students, parents, and community that he serves.  These experiences have provided him with humility, self reflection, and a desire to serve Beach Park in capacities that allow for challenge, perspective and growth in the community.  His passion for leadership is rooted in the philosophy that is not focused on being in charge, but taking care of those that take care of our most precious asset; our children.  As Mr. Cappozzo continues to grow within Beach Park School District 3, he will be serving as the Director of Human Resources where he will build a robust recruiting, hiring and onboarding process, maintain district compliance, serve as a resource for all staff, and further build a culture where the students of Beach Park thrive.

Mr. Cappozzo lives with his wife and daughter in Kenosha, WI. He loves to ride his bike, spend time with his family, and read.

Mr. Cappozzo will be a great addition to the administrative team in Beach Park and will be able to continue the vision of the District, “To become a Nationally Recognized School District,” while working on behalf of the Board of Education to make the strategic plan a reality.  We welcome Mr. Cappozzo to his new role in the District and look forward to his leadership in Human Resources for the 2023-2024 school year!


Dr. Denise A. Wilcox, Interim Superintendent of Beach Park School District #3