Press Release

It is with great excitement we announce the change in title of our new Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Operations, Mr. Jorge Seda. Mr. Seda has been the Director of Students Services for the District for the past five years.  

Mr. Seda obtained a masters degree in Special Education from Dominican University. He worked as a bilingual and special education teacher for 10 years. Mr. Seda obtained a Masters in Educational Leadership from American College of Education. He was a building administrator and regional SPED program supervisor for 11 years. Mr. Seda completed an endorsement to become a Director of Special Education.  In his free time he likes to go for long walks, play basketball, listen to jazz music, and read. 

Mr. Seda lives in Niles with his wife and children.  He is excited to continue his work in Beach Park School District 3 and help the District reach its strategic goals.

Mr. Seda will continue to be an irreplaceable member of the administrative team in Beach Park.  He will continue his work in striving to attain the vision of the District, “To become a Nationally Recognized School District,” while working on behalf of the Board of Education to make the strategic plan a reality.  We celebrate Mr. Seda’s change in title and look forward to his leadership in the District for the 2023-2024 school year!


Dr. Denise A. Wilcox, Interim Superintendent of Beach Park School District #3