Learners Are Leaders Award

The Beach Park Board of Education would like to honor our staff, students and community members who go the extra mile as learners and leaders. The award is for those who show community leadership by demonstrating outstanding qualities to improve a classroom, school or the community.

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To nominate someone for the Learners Are Leaders Award

Click Here or email Shelly Adams at sadams@bpd3.org

Learners are Leaders Award Recipients

2017-2018 School Year


Mrs. Lisa Schaffer
In recognition of her ability to collaborate with the parents, staff, and students to make learning a success.

Erika R., Mia C. Remmy H. and Mrs. McBride
In recognition of their outstanding presentation of their endeavors in the BPMS STEAM Program.

Athanasia Bercos, Elizabeth Longacre, and Loretta Jones
In recognition of these staff member's continual efforts to go above and beyond for students, staff, and parents.

Mrs. Kim Rock
In recognition of her time and dedication as PTO President, and being an excellent role model by portraying positive self-esteem and leadership qualities.

Suzanne Fowler, Kerri Ledman, and Leticia Acevedo
In recognition of being valued staff members who go above and beyond their required duties to provide students and other staff members with support and leadership.

David M., Oswaldo G., Susie Kostal, Kathy Learned, Jeff Lohfink, Jenni McBride and Nikki Poulsen
In recognition of honesty, taking on additional responsibilities, creativity, dependability, enthusiasm and ability to make a warm and inviting district.