Contact Info

Dr. DiVirgilio Superintendent 847-599-5070
Shelly Adams Executive Administrative Assistant to Superintendent/Board of Education 847-599-5070
Frank Adams Director of Business 847-599-5064
Rosemary Betz Director of Student Services 847-599-5056
Diane Moerke Accounts Payable/Receivable 847-599-5062
Veronica Tano Payroll and Benefits 847-599-5063
Betty Melton Registrar/Administrative Assistant 847-599-5005
Jan Schnettler Administrative Assistant, Student Services 847-599-5056
Alma Medrano District Translator and EL Assistant 847-599-5071
Monika Jankovics Food Services Coordinator 847-599-5067
Jose Medina Buildings and Grounds Coordinator 847-599-5041
Charles Ongena Director of Technology 847-599-5008
Kathryn Hucker Payroll Clerk/Personnel Asst. 847-599-5076
Maureen Urban Database Coordinator 847-596-5863
  Transportation 847-623-4840